"Pure & Perfect combination of Antique,
Class, Grace & Rustic Simplicity"

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Inspired Design



‘Fusion’, the most powerful and latest style is definitely a very dramatic concept of bringing opposites together to finally meet.  By contrasting furniture styles it brings a look that is unique in its richness and depth, giving your space personality and character that it deserves. This style can appeal to anyone with a palate of contradictory taste.

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Your dining room, typically a simple space is usually used solely for eating and entertaining. Though it may not be used as frequently you can transition this space to inspire you and your family to dine there more often.  However, if sit down dinners don't match up with your lifestyle, there are plenty of ways to design your room so that it will see more continual use. The dining room being the hub of home entertainment, finding the right piece to accommodate family and friends is a worthy investment.

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Household storage is something there never seems to be enough of.  Luckily, versatile items like Cabinet & Boxes can do the trick while adding a touch of decor at the same time. These pieces can add visual layers to your space in a controlled and organized way, while simultaneously eliminating visual chaos and clutter.

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Industrial Design


When Natural and Mechanical worlds interwine, incredible creations transpire. That's what inspired our Industrial designs, constructed around a modern fusion of rustic wood and metal elements. Our designs ally a sober look and retro charm which matches perfectly other decoration styles from most classic to most contemporary interiors. We handpick our pleasing and alluring collection of authentic Industrial pieces that are at once rustic and refined.

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When you’re redecorating a room that’s in dire need of an inspirational new look, you don’t need to splurge on all new furniture and in reality all you need is a few home accessories to instantly liven it up.  Despite often being small, home decorations can pack a mighty punch and quickly change a “blah” room into a well-designed space worthy of a magazine cover.  There are a wide variety of products to choose and to incorporate them into your space.

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With the rise of such colossal icons of the modern and contemporary world, the boundary between design and art became blurred especially for everyday objects like furniture.

Pieces in this style are dazzling antiques and a modern re-interpretation of classicism.

They are not only beautiful work of art but also provide a means to connect us to the past.

Work in this style mainly achieve visual delight and are produced for those who wanted a new look, all their own.

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What does your living space say about you?  Naturally we want to be comfortable and functional, yes.  But when it comes to aesthetics and decorating, it’s a form of self expression, projecting your interests and even your temperament. So why not use key pieces, that on any day busy or not, depth and character can be seen and valued.

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“Interiors are no longer decorated, they are curated” We at Relique Décor hunt extensively to bring you new and fresh furnishings. Our pieces bring power to the space. We specialize in finest antique furniture, completely restored and ready for your home and office. Here you will find beautifully crafted pieces for every room of your house - bedroom, dining room and living room. As you can see from the works offered below, Relique Décor is the style of an assertive modernity, bold, elegant and impossible to ignore. These days the whole idea of decorating has become eclectic. We have pieces that you can use in a modern or traditional house but once you put them in a certain, more rarefied environment, they are like pieces of art.We prove our commitment to quality with every  piece of furniture we offer. We ensure quality, beauty and durability. We are also proud to offer customization of products where you can tailor a piece to your need. We are pleased to work with designers and decorators to help them fulfill the needs of their clients.

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